Top 6 Tactical Pens of 2013 (Part 1) Review: Condor's Rodan, Part 1 Product Spotlight: Spyderco's Street Bowie Review: Buck Knives' Reaper Bush Knife, Part 1 Knifemaker Spotlight: Ben Seward

A Closer Look at the Policeman’s Sword (PART 1)

Take a look at this special article on the cop’s primary sidearm of yesteryear: The Munich Dagger was the Town Guard’s “backup” piece, just as a modern cop would carry a revolver like this .38 Special Smith & Wesson Model 640 revolver or North American Arms Guardian .380. Both backup handguns are fitted with Crimson Trac (Read more...)

How to Make a Knife Lanyard (Part 2)

Continued from a recent post, this is a simple square-stitch 3mm accessory cord that takes roughly 20 minutes to finish your first one. The method shown does not let you remove the lanyard from the knife, but if you want to do so, a lanyard such as this one can be made on a clip for easy removal rather than through a knife’s lanyard h (Read more...)

How to Make a Knife Lanyard (Part 1)

There is a good way to make your knives recognizable and easily accessible—by using a proper lanyard. The right lanyard can make a knife or tool easier to reach if in a pocket, makes it easier to find if dropped, and can be built to showcase a particular skill or trade, as well as make a tool more easily recognizable.   If you ar (Read more...)

Knifemaker Spotlight: Mace Vitale

The New York Custom Knife Show is where I first met Mace Vitale. To say he was enthusiastic about his work is like saying a 3-year-old is kind of excited about Christmas. I have always found it interesting how much makers can be influenced by the makers around them.   This is especially true of the forged blade. Regional styles eme (Read more...)

Knifemaker Spotlight: Karambit Specialist Richard Derespina

One of the most interesting parts of my job as a custom knife dealer is learning about custom knifemakers and what brought them into custom knives. Richard Derespina had the unusual combination of having jobs not only in the security industry, but also as an illustrator. His involvement with the Philippine martial art of Kali introduce (Read more...)