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01 The Activity Group: Pocket Emergency Wallet Bleeding Control Kit

EDC item for bleeding

Pocket Emergency Wallet Bleeding Control Kit

Let’s face it, we’re knife people and one thing we all have in common is that we’ve cut ourselves at least once in our lives. The severity of the cut may vary, but you can’t handle knives with as much regularity as we do without cutting yourself at some point.

That’s where the Pocket Emergency Wallet Bleeding Control Kit comes into play. Ideally, you have never cut yourself deeply enough to need military-grade bleeding control products, but if you’re out in the middle of the woods, and you do incur that level of injury, you’ll be pretty glad you have them.


  • Contains military-grade bleeding control products
  • 4 x 5 x 1.25 inches, 5.5 ounces
  • Easily carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack

Kit Contents

  • 1x – Pocket Emergency Wallet (PEW)
  • 1x – H&H Mini Compression Bandage
  • 1x – H&H Flat Compressed Gauze
  • 1x – Nitrile Gloves
  • 1x – Hemostatic Gauze (choose when adding to cart)

MSRP: $24.99 – $64.99

Website: ActivityUSA.com

02 Exotac: FREEKey Slim System & BMQR .380

EDC item for keys

FREEKey Slim System & BMQR .380

I hate having to put keys onto a keychain. It isn’t that I’m not capable, but it sure can be a pain when you keep your fingernails short. When I first started using the FREEKey Slim System, I was extremely impressed with how easy it is to put keys, or the included Accessory Rings, onto the main ring; just pinch the side opposite of the opening and it opens far enough to fit your key. Add the convenience of the BMQR .380 magnetic quick release, and you can have items like your house key, safe key, or any key, ready to switch over to a different vehicle’s key fob in seconds.


  • Made from high-grade stainless steel
  • Made in the USA

Package Includes

  • Accessory Rings (3 pc)

BMQR .380 Features

  • Stainless steel casing
  • Copper bullet
  • Designed to fit on the FREEKey Slim System
  • Made in the USA

FREEKey Slim System MSRP: $6.49

BMQR .380 MSRP: $16.95 (both for $20.95)

Website: Exotac.com

03 Tuff Writer: Precision Press Pen

EDC item for writing

Precision Press Pen

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are surprised when they ask for a pen and I hand them one. I believe a pen and notebook are essential to any EDC. There have been many occasions where I just had to jot something down or sketch out something really quick and a smartphone just won’t do. I guess I am a bit old school, but it serves me well.

The Precision Press Pen by Tuff Writer is designed with an adjustable spacer to allow for multiple cartridges (such as Fisher, Foray, Parker and many more), so you can use your favorite one in a modular writing instrument, machined out of lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum, designed to last a lifetime. Also available in other finishes, including brass, copper, stainless and even titanium.


  • Length: 6.0 inches
  • Thickness: 0.50 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 ounces
  • Cap: None
  • Engraving: None
  • Material: 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum
  • Clip: Cold-pressed spring steel
  • Finish: Mil-A-8625 “F” anodized
  • Fittings: Stainless steel button head cap bolts
  • Mechanism: Machined 416SS pen advancing mechanism
  • Cartridge: Fisher #SPR4 gas-pressurized

MSRP: From $89.95

Website: TuffWriter.com

04 Superesse Straps: Burn-Proof Camp Rag

EDC item for clean up

Burn-Proof Camp Rag

Being a knife photographer, I tend to wipe a lot of knives off with the bottom of my shirt, and it shows. The Superesse Straps Burn-Proof Camp Rag is an idea whose time has come.

I have seen and own quite a few hanks, but the Burn-Proof Camp Rag takes the hank market to another level by adding features that people like us can really use. The burn-proof quality is excellent when working around the campfire, but for me, where the Burn-Proof Camp Rag really shines is in the fact that it is also cut-resistant. This may be timely, because I have a feeling that if I cut up too many more of my shirts — wiping off knives — my wife is going to have words with me.


  • Flame resistant: Up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Grommet hole: A gloss-black steel lanyard hole for utilitarian uses
  • Cut resistant: Impervious against abrasions, blade cuts, and tears under linear move variable weight (ANSI Level 4 estimated rating). Offers some protection against vertical punctures. (ANSI Level 1 estimated rating).
  • Available with purpose-made lanyards including Bungee Kevlar, Firestarter Paracord, and Steel Aviator Cable.

MSRP: $54.00

Website: SuperesseStraps.com

05 Prometheus Design Werx: PDW Ti-Line Spork

EDC item for eating

PDW Ti-Line Spork

I know, you’re wondering how often I can really talk about sporks, and the answer is: as long as they keep coming out with new ideas. I realize that a spork is not really an EDC type of item, but with a folding spork that can slip into your pocket, are we really sure it isn’t?

If you have been reading any of my writing to date, you would know that I love sporks, and the Prometheus Design Werx PDW Ti-Line Spork is perfect for keeping one handy at all times. No need to use wasteful, disposable plastic sporks when you can bring your own. I figure that I embarrass my wife enough at home with my sporks in the silverware drawer, it’s time to take the show out on the town on a dinner date.


  • Materials: Titanium, stainless steel wire
  • Comes packed in a reusable storage mesh bag
  • Length Open: 6.375 inches
  • Length Closed: 4 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches (at widest point)
  • Approx. Weight: 0.928 ounces

MSRP: $10.00

Website: PrometheusDesignWerx.com

06 Wazoo Survival Gear: Gear Cache Belt

EDC item for carry

Gear Cache Belt

EDC item for carry

We’ve all seen money belts — I’ve used one when traveling for years — but what about one that allows you to take emergency essential gear with you, as well as cash? Some may argue the validity of a small survival kit, but I ask, “Why not have a few small items on you for an emergency, if you can?” Wazoo Survival Gear’s Gear Cache Belt is designed for just this purpose.

For years, people have spent a lot of time perfecting survival tins, but you still have to find a carry method and are limited to the size/length of the tin. The Gear Cache Belt allows you to carry more than you can carry in a tin, while also allowing for longer items that can only help to bolster your chances of survival. Also available, kits with 14 and 23 different tools designed to stow in your belt. They include everything from safety pins and fishing gear to water bottles and ceramic knives, depending on the kit.

Belt Specs

  • Patented design
  • Open-top design allows access while wearing it.
  • 2 gear loops provide “dummy cord anchors”
  • Made of A-A-55301 Cordura webbing rated at over 2,700 pounds
  • Custom buckle is 304 stainless steel with a Cerakote coating
  • Made in Colorado, USA

Available Kits

  • Essentials Kit: 14 different tools
  • Adventure Kit: 23 different tools


Cache Belt: $40.00

Essentials Kit: $40.00

Adventure Kit: $80.00

Website: WazooSurvivalGear.com

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