The newly released A.G. Russell Mosquito Hawk is a larger version of the company’s popular Light’n Bug.

A.G. Russell Mosquito Hawk by Popular Demand

In 2016, A.G. Russell designed a beautiful, sleek little knife he called the Light’n Bug. A couple of years later he added the Doodle Bug, a very different, almost squat looking knife, to the series using the same materials and type of construction used in the Light’n Bug.

All the knives in this series have carbon fiber handle sides, a single anodized titanium liner that also forms the liner lock. This type of “linerless” construction results in a very lightweight knife. From its introduction, the Light’n Bug has been extremely popular. Almost immediately there were requests for a larger version. To address those requests, A.G. designed the Mosquito Hawk.

AG Russell knife with carbon fiber handle

The Mosquito Hawk from A.G. Russell Knives should satisfy those who want something slightly larger than the Light’n Bug model.

Slightly Larger Makes Big Difference

While the A.G. Russell Mosquito Hawk is only slightly bigger than the Light’n Bug, there a very noticeable difference when you have it in your hand. It feels bigger and provides a larger blade which measures 7/8-inch wide at the widest point.

“I have to tell you, when I saw that first sample, my reaction was, ‘Well, it’s really not bigger than the Light’n Bug,’” said Goldie Russell. “But, lay them side by side, or hold one in each hand, and there is definitely a difference. There is a ¼-inch difference in the closed length, but the thing that is most noticeable is the blade, particularly the 7⁄8-inch width at the widest point.”

The 2-3⁄4-inch drop-point blade is black Ti coated 8Cr13MoV at 57-59 Rc. The blade pivots on bronze washers for a smooth, long-lasting action. The liner and right-hand tip-down pocket clip are both blue anodized titanium, and the fittings are gold titanium coated. The blue and gold make a beautiful contrast to the black handle and blade. The knife measures 3 5⁄8 inches closed. It weighs just 1.2 ounces.

The suggested retail price is $85. For more information on the A.G. Russell Mosquito Hawk, go to And be sure to check back with for more of the latest news from the knife industry.