About Us

Knives Illustrated is a magazine devoted to the artistry and technological advancements of man’s oldest tool, the knife. Knifemaking is at a historical peak. Today’s craftsmen are producing some of the finest knives. Knives Illustrated keeps its readers up to date on the changes.

Each issue is crammed with informative, entertaining, insightful articles.

Every issue of KI contains articles in the following categories:

• Hot New Knives and in Use by Canadian Field Editor Abe Elias

• What Hot in West Coast and Northwest Knives by West Coast Field Editor Pat Casico

• Latest in Knife Steels and How They Cut by Michael S. Black

• Upcoming Knifemakers to Watch by Les Robertson

• Knives for use by Military, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Personnel, and Other Tactical Applications by a Variety of Authors