Engaged Media has launched the first issue of AOG Boundless. This digital publication, for members only, is the latest in the evolutionary lineage of the self-reliance knowledge source relied on for many years in magazine form first as American Survival Guide, and then as American Outdoor Guide.

Why AOG Boundless?

The change from American Outdoor Guide to AOG Boundless is timely because now that the publication if fully digital, it’s not bound to a limited number of printed pages. The scope of the publication is being expanded too and will be more varied and far reaching than ever before. Emergency disaster preparedness will still be covered, as well as backwoods survival and bushcraft techniques. There will be self-reliance articles for challenging urban scenarios too.

But in addition to those topics the publication has covered traditionally, there will be more how-to and do-it-yourself articles along with adventure travel and destination features.

Boundless March cover

Readers Will Have a Voice Too

Another benefit of the new AOG Boundless format is that, being a digital magazine, reviews of new products will get to the readers in a more timely fashion. There will be more interactive capability too. Members will be able to share their expertise with the Boundless community by submitting short articles on a variety of topics for the publication’s You’re the Expert section. Eventually, there are hopes for a members’ forum – Speaking of Survival — where ideas and information can be exchanged. Aside from the monthly digital magazine, members will have access to a treasure trove of past American Survival Guide and American Outdoor Guide articles as a priceless reference resource.

Corporate partners will have a role in the new publication too, teaming with staff to provide giveaway contests and to offer members-only discounts on great gear.

AOG Boundless DIY article

AOG Boundless will feature how-to articles, DIY projects, gear reviews and adventure travel articles.

First Issue Is Available Now

The premier issue of AOG Boundless includes articles on avoiding common mistakes about bugging out, a review of Jackery power stations, and a do-it-yourself project to build an economical dual-fuel backpacking stove kit. There are tips on dressing for success in cold weather, and advice on choosing the right weapon for protection in the backcountry.

To join the AOG Boundless community, click on the button below and become a member. And be sure to check back with KnivesIllustrated.com for more of the latest news from the knife industry.

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