The Bags of Blade

This bag won’t be hard to find in a crowd. We’re not sure what all the patches stand for, but it looks cool!We ran into Duke Brady who was on The Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” last year.Hmmm – what is this banana doing here @dukesurvives? Could it be a reference to an incident on “Naked and Afraid” involving some yellowjackets?These brilliant bags aren’t going anywhere, and they leave your hands free! #ukoalabag #OnMyWishlistThere may be other uses for those slots on this bag, but we bet you won’t hear anyone saying, “Who’s got a pen?” around this guy. #extraWe saw plenty of younguns at #BladeShow2019 and they sported some fine bags, too! This one had a monkey on his back. His dad held the leash to keep him safe from wandering away.Always be prepared – that’s the name of the game, whether you’re in a mall, or in the wilderness.We’re betting this pack will hold anything you can buy at #BladeShow2019


Everywhere we turned, there were amazing bags on the backs, shoulders, arms, and even LEGS of #BladeShow2019 attendees! Take a look!