The New Benchmade 9400 Screams Practicality

Benchmade has updated the classic and iconic 940 with a new push-button automatic version! The initial version is in the iconic green aluminum handles with an S30V blade in either a satin or black coated blade finish.

Prices will be $229.50 for the satin and $238 for the coated blade. It is available for pre-order at your favorite knife retailers everywhere. Press Release Follows…

With 20 years of life under its belt, the timeless design of the 940 takes a radical leap into the push-button automatic world. Intended to maintain the stylings and dimensions that made the original 940 an iconic EDC design, the new 9400 is as true to form as it gets, despite the addition of an auto mechanism. It doesn’t have to be tactical to be practical, and this knife screams practicality.

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