Benchmade Knife Company has secured a permanent injunction against Hogue, Inc. and Hogue Tool and Machine, Inc., prohibiting them from infringing one of Benchmade’s patents.

“This resolution honors Benchmade’s commitment to protecting IP and supports our drive for innovation,” says Benchmade CEO Jon deAsis. “Our brand has defined itself through industry leading, forward-looking designs and the court’s permanent injunction against Hogue is a win for the makers, and designers everywhere who look to the law to protect their work.”


Specifically, the suit alleged that Hogue violated Benchmade’s D’900 patent on features of some rescue knife blades. The suit found that Hogue’s knives sold under the Trauma line — models with SKUs of 34760 and 34764 – too closely resembled Benchmade’s patented design.

In its final order in the case, the Court enjoined Hogue “from manufacturing, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing into the United States” any of Hogue’s accused knife designs or any other “products that practice” Benchmade’s patent. The Court also permanently enjoined Hogue and its representatives from inducing or contributing to anyone else infringing Benchmade’s patent in the United States.

“Entrepreneurs and businesses must protect their intellectual property,” said Kristine Gittins, Benchmade’s executive vice president. “Benchmade will not allow its patented ideas to be pirated or misused and will continue to celebrate and honor the designs that other builders conceive and produce in the marketplace. This legal win is a loud, clear statement that we will vigilantly fight to protect Benchmade’s intellectual property rights.”

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