Buck slip-joint knives are just as useful as ever. While many American families continue various honored traditions, Post Falls, Idaho-based Buck Knives continues many traditions as well, including the manufacturing of various traditional—or classic—pocket knives.

In yesteryear, these knives were carried by nearly everyone and were used to cut hay bale twine, punch holes in bridal leather—and possibly for whittling–and other routine chores. Most of those classic knives were two- or three-blade models that could be easily slipped into a pants pocket and pulled out when chores or items needed cutting or trimming. With names like Stockman, Cadet, Deuce Trapper, Toothpick and Canoe, you know these knives were also carried far and wide by outdoorsmen.

Buck Slip-Joint Knives Include Stockman and Cadet

To get a better look of these time-tested classics, visit www.buckknives.com and look at the provided details of the three-blade Model 301 Stockman or the Model 303 Cadet. The Cadet has three blades, including: a 2 ½-inch clip blade; a 1 ¾-inch sheepsfoot; and a nearly 2-inch spey-style blade. These traditional pocket knives are around three inches long when closed and are available with a black Valox or rosewood handle.

Some of these traditional pocket knives have single blades, like the Model 379 Solo and the Model 385 Toothpick knives. If you slip one of these traditional knives into your pocket, you will be joining a growing number of knife carriers and users who find that size meets function in these gentlemen’s pocket knives.

Lots To See At The Buck Knives Website

Anyone seeking a knife to meet today’s wide range of challenges from hunting tasks to camping chores to work projects can review full details on the nearly 200 knives offered by Buck Knives at www.BuckKnives.com. The knives are arranged in categories by interests, such as legacy, hunting, everyday carry and outdoor uses. The Buck Knives’ website is also the top place to

learn about laser engraving options to create a unique knife plus details on the many Custom Knife Shop options. Buck Knives also offers a wide selection of kitchen cutlery.

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