The knife experts at Cutco have put together the perfect list of knives and other items that everyone needs in their kitchen to pull off an excellent Thanksgiving dinner. Be sure you’ve got everything on this checklist and you’ll be ready to go!

By Kathleen Donavan

If there is one holiday that gives my kitchen a workout, it’s Thanksgiving. I need all hands on deck with my kitchen tools to get through all of the chopping, dicing, mincing, mixing and mashing.

Cutco has been part of Thanksgiving feasts for more than 70 years. We have the tools for preparing turkey, potatoes and stuffing, and everything in between. Our sharp, reliable knives and comfortable ergonomic handles mean easy prep with little fatigue, and who doesn’t like that?

As you set out to make this year’s dinner, we give you our list of must-have kitchen knives and utensils for Thanksgiving.

Chef Knife

Whether you’re using a 9-1/4″ French Chef knife or the smaller 7-5/8″ Petite Chef, this is a knife that will assist with dicing celery and onions, and mincing fresh herbs. It’s hands down the knife you shouldn’t be without at Thanksgiving.knives for thanksgiving

Paring Knives

You might want to have more than one Paring Knife on hand in case someone asks to help. It’s the knife to go to for slicing apples, halving Brussels sprouts and preparing other small fruits and vegetables.knife slicing apple

Vegetable Peeler

A reliable Vegetable Peeler is essential for Thanksgiving. Aside from the pounds of potatoes you’ll likely peel, you may also need it for peeling carrots or making fancy chocolate curls to garnish desserts.

Potato Masher

Here’s another Thanksgiving tool that must be ready to perform. Your Potato Masher needs to have a strong handle and sturdy mashing head to easily mash mountains of potatoes.potato masher


What are potatoes without gravy? When mixing gravy in the pan, the Mix-Stir coil whisk is great at whisking, but also at scraping up the brown bits on the bottom of the pan as you go.

Super Shears

Stop wrestling with the plastic turkey fasteners in your store-bought turkey. Hock locks, as they’re called, are no match for sharp kitchen shears, like Cutco’s Super Shears. They snip through the plastic with ease. Also use them to trim off any unwanted fat or skin from the bird and then just pull the blades apart for easy cleaning.scissors

Carving Set

When it’s time to present the turkey, you don’t want your carving knife to let you down. Cutco’s sturdy Carving Fork firmly secures the turkey while the sharp, long 9″ Carver makes smooth, even cuts.turkey carving

Can Opener

Opening cans can’t be avoided on Thanksgiving. Having a dependable Can Opener that easily removes lids without fail is as important as having a perfectly roasted turkey.can opener

Whether Cutco is part of your Thanksgiving or not, we wish you joy and happiness on that day. Share your Thanksgiving preps photos with us on Facebook or Instagram and use #MyCutco.

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