Knifemaker Spotlight: Tim Britton

Take a closer look at a knifemaker who gives maximum “bang for the buck.”


I have known Tim Britton for over 12 years, and every time I visited his table at a show I saw continued improvement of his standard models. Tim offers a variety of fixed blades, Bowies, hunters, fighters and the occasional spear. While his knives are predominately stock-removal, he does forge blades on occasion. For stock-removal knives he prefers S30V, since he feels this is the toughest steel available, especially for his tactical knife.

Now, for those of you who know me (and for those of you who don’t), I have never been one to embrace older-style anything. This is and has been especially true for knives. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the craftsmanship of custom versions of slip joints, lock backs and multi-blades from the early-to-mid 20th century.

However, after seeing Tim’s slip joints and liner locks, I had to rethink my position on this style of knife. For his slip-joint folders, Tim prefers to use BG-42 with a hand-rubbed stain finish. He currently offers a trapper, bullet, baby bullet, swayback and gents folder. Tim is also working on doctors’ and teardrop swayback jack patterns.

The bolsters and frames are 416 stainless steel. Tim’s favorite handle materials for his slip joints and lock backs are mastodon ivory, stag, black lip, gold lip and mother-of-pearl. My personal favorite on any of Tim’s knives is his popcorn stag. This stag combines great physical features, as well as the aesthetic that so many collectors love.

Tim has offered anodizing on his titanium-handled knives. He has also done filework on knives and will be offering filework on his slip joints in the near future. Additionally, on Tim’s table you will also find a selection of engraved—sometimes with gold inlay—bolsters.

The base-model knives beg to be carried and used. Fortunately, for those who want to carry Tim’s slip joints, the price range for his slip-joint folders is from $175 to $600. Without a doubt, his knives feature value pricing. Arguably, Tim’s slip joints and lock backs offer the best bang for your buck in today’s custom slip-joint market.

Another advantage Tim offers is his delivery time, which is currently a reasonable two to six months. This very reasonable delivery time is due directly to—as Tim puts it—“being a full-time knife maker … plus!”

You can view Tim’s current models at; call (336) 923-2062; e-mail:


By Les Robertson