PRODUCTS: New Bear & Son 510D Damascus–Special

The new 510D Sideliner from Bear & Son provides a full range of features that make it a special knife. From the handsome Genuine India Stag Bone handle to the Damascus steel blade, it has a distinctive look. And the smooth Sideliner locking system makes it so easy to use.

Bear and Son 510D Damascus

Bear & Son 510D Damascus


With Bear & Son’s ball bearing action, the 3-inch modified spear point blade opens easily with one hand and locks securely open for safe use. It folds neatly into its 4-1/8” handle, perfectly contoured for comfortable feel. For convenient carry and ready for use the 4.5-ounce 510D has a belt clip.


Bear & Son is the only commercial knife manufacturer offering knives with Damascus blades. And it’s a very special 416-layer, high-definition Damascus steel, made in Alabama. It combines steels of different properties to produce blades with extraordinary toughness and edge-holding ability.


Beyond their distinctive look, Damascus blades have unique qualities that set them apart from other steels. The cutting edge has tiny saw-tooth carbides, formed by forging in a coal fire. This enables the blade to cut even when it feels dull to the touch. Every piece of Damascus steel is as unique as a thumbprint.


As are all Bear & Son knives, the 510D Sideliner is made in the USA, and has an MSRP of $159.99. For more information about Bear & Son knives, visit their web site,



Bear & Son 510 Sideliner

Closed: 4 1/8 inches

Blade: 3 inches

Steel: 416-layer Damascus

Weight: 4.5 oz.