All About Pocket Knives

The All About Pocket Knives (AAPK)project which began in March, 2004 started with the mission of becoming the leading provider of knife related services. It combines technological expertise with knife related wisdom and ideas its members to create the best services available.

With over 20000 members and 1 million posts, is the Leading edge of Knife Discussion. If there is some knife information which you can’t find here, chances are you won’t find it anywhere on the Internet.

The Knife Network

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, knifemakers from around the globe can access on-line tutorials through The Knife Network. Many phases of knifemaking, sheath making, technical repair, usage and embellishment are covered, from fixed blades, to folding knives, to miscellaneous shop tips and equipment usage.

Knife Dogs

A family and business friendly forum all about knives and the knife industry. We are “G” rated and have a “No Drama” policy. We have thousands of knife makers and enthusiasts from every level.

Knife Enthusiast Forum is a forum where knife enthusiasts can meet and discuss, online, their industry, politics, and personal experiences, in a sensible and non-aggressive way. Anyone who wants to expand his knowledge or share his experience is welcome to this forum.

Usual Suspect Discussion Board

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