The Beautiful World of Custom Pro-Tech Knives

Proudly Made in America Since 1999

If you’re in the market for a custom automatic knife that’s made in America, take a look at Pro-Tech Knives. Highly respected and known for its line of well-made knives, the family-owned company builds models in all price points—from well below $200 to those into the five-digit range. And the best part is that they’re made at the Pro-Tech facility in Artesia, California.

“ … the family-owned company builds models in all price points—from well below $200 to those into the five-digit range.”

The company’s craftspeople use premium raw materials, like carbon fiber or wood inlays, rose gold blades, or even special materials like precious metals and jewels, billets of hand-forged Damascus, and sheets of steel and titanium.

Many of Pro-Tech’s more ornate models are hand engraved and customized by Julie Warenski.

But they don’t stop there. They use the most current manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, wire EDM, and laser cutting. And they carefully machine, grind, deburr, finish, assemble, sharpen, inspect, and package their creations all under one roof.

Pro-Tech has won numerous awards for these knives, and they are greatly sought after. They are often sold through the company’s regular retail network, so keep an eye out for when they appear. Until then, check out these beauties.

This Warenski hand-engraved model has a milled titanium pocket clip and mother-of-pearl scales.

An engraved Godson with gold accents and Damasteel blade.

The Pro-Tech TR3 is shown here with several of its production options.

Numerous Pro-Tech Strider SNGs with colorful Micarta scales and various blade steels and coatings.

The new manual Malibu has been so popular that Pro-Tech is now oering it in titaniumhandled versions with Damasteel or 20CV blades.

The Harkins ATAC is a limited model knife that is both an auto and a manual. They start at $450, but this custom engraved version with abalone inlays costs several thousand.

Even without all of the custom touches, the Pro-Tech Malibu is definitely a looker.

A Pro-Tech Brend with gold details and custom scales.


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