We treasure our individuality. To show it, we like to customize our gear too, especially things we carry every day. Benchmade has recently added its popular Bugout knife to its Custom Knife Builder.

This area of the company’s website allows you to build your own Benchmade knife by choosing from a number of different options. For instance, you can choose from 17 different handle scale colors; two different handle materials (G10 and Grivory); a dozen hardware colors; and a choice of different blade steels, including the super-premium M4 steel. With these options, Benchmade calculates there are 414,720 different combinations that could be created.

Benchmade has calculated that there are 414,720 different possible combinations of features for its custom Bugout knives. Now you can choose the features you want to make your own custom Bugout knife

The Benchmade Bugout was originally designed for backpacking, with its slim, lightweight design. Over the past three years, knives in the Bugout family have become an everyday carry (EDC) favorite. Other knives offered for customization at this time include the Crooked River, Mini Crooked River, Griptilian, Mini Griptilian, Barrage, and Mini Barrage.

The Custom Knife Builder is an easy-to-use interactive visualizer that shows exactly how combinations will look, including full 360-degree rotations with the knife both open and closed. Laser marking on either side (or both sides) of the blade is also possible through this system, allowing for additional personalization. Add a name, a pattern, or upload a unique image. The Builder shows an exact preview and allows for scale and rotational adjustments, so the final design is exactly what you want.

Depending on which options you pick, the prices will range from $170 to $240 for a custom Bugout. Each Custom design comes with the same lifetime warranty and lifetime LifeSharp services as every other Benchmade. KI

Even the color of the hardware, such as the thumb studs, can be selected to suit your tastes.