Did you know that an inexpensive folding knife can save your life after a vehicle accident?

Read on to learn one more reason why your folder is your most essential EDC.

The Situation

Let’s say you’re going down the road way out in the boondocks. Your car flips over. It could be in poor weather with slick roads, in a traffic accident, or because you swerved to avoid an animal that ran out in the road.

Because of the damage, the car body gets mangled, and the interior fills with smoke. You don’t know what to do. You’re pinned in your seat. Your door is jammed shut. You can’t get the seatbelt off, and one of your arms is trapped. What can you do?

This is where the right folding knife can save your life. If, that is, it’s accessible. And if it has the right functionality, including an easy opener, a seatbelt cutter, and a glass breaker.

A seatbelt cutter and glass breaker could make the difference between a really quick exit from your car, and a much tougher one, especially when you’ve had an accident.

How To Rescue Yourself

When you’ve been in an accident, you may have very little time to take action. You’ve got to make things as simple as possible. A one-handed opening knife is easier to use when you’re in a tough situation. When you’re confused and panicking, the last thing you want to do is struggle with opening your knife’s blade.

Many rescue knives, like the inexpensive MTech folders that you find in most gas stations, come with seatbelt cutters. When you’re trapped in your seat, just grab the knife, hook the belt in the cutter, and slice it through. It will cut it and get you out of that bad situation. Fast.

Now you’re still in your car, but suppose you can’t get the door open. You have the glass window accessible. A good rescue knife should have a glass breaker at the end of it to puncture the window. You just hold it in your fist and punch the window with it to shatter the glass to create a way out of the car.

These little extras make all the difference in your rescue knife. The blade is great, but it’s much easier to cut through the seatbelt and shatter the glass with those tools. Now you can use the blade to cut through whatever else is in your way and get to freedom.

Tip: Keep your folder on you in case you need it for defense on the way out, too.

Folders To Carry in Your Car or Truck

As mentioned, the MTech folders are available in many gas stations or online. You have plenty of choices when it comes to rescue knives and most are fairly inexpensive, running less than $25.

Of course, you can spend a lot more than that, if you want to, and purchase a high-end knife. If you plan to use it for EDC, you should have a dependable blade that you’re sure will stand up to your day-to-day needs. But for something to keep in your car for emergencies, you need a tool nearby that you’re willing to keep in your car at all times.

A folding knife with a flipper and/or a thumbstud is easier to open one-handed.

Where To Put Your Emergency Folder

Remember that no tool will help you unless it’s within reach when you need it. Make sure you keep it in the car where you can get at it. Maybe even more than one. I even tape a bunch of these around my home for defense: up on the hutch, under the table, and so on. When it comes to  folders, you can’t go wrong having one in your vehicle to save your life — especially when you’re on The Edge of Survival