Got some time on your hands. Put down that hot pocket and get off the couch. Master the moment and build your knife skills. If you’re a blade buff, here’s a one-stop roundup of skill building resources to get you going.

How To Sharpen Your Knife in an Emergency

If you’re ever stuck somewhere with a dull blade and no sharpener, you’ll be glad you learned these clever hacks from Kevin Estela.

Transform Your Knife into a Hunting Tool

EJ Snyder shows you how. Just make sure you’re packing paracord. Scratch that. We know you’re already packing paracord because that’s how you roll.

When you need a bit of distance between you and your prey, a spear knife is the ultimate hunting tool. Here, EJ takes the SXB fits it into the stick he’s prepared. He lashes it with the paracord from the handle to secure it in place.

Make Sharp Tools out of Stone

Tap into wilder days and explore your primitive side. Christopher Nyerges shows you the “finer points” of flint knapping, the skill that allows you to make arrowheads and other blades out of rock. You likely have some of the 11 items you need lying around in your garage or shed. Take a hike to find your raw materials, and get knapping.

Firecraft 101

Like most things, building a fire is easier if you have a knife on you. Dwayne Unger teaches you how to make a feather stick.

how to use your knife to make a feather stick, start a fire

How To Forge a Knife

“I think this might be a good time for me to learn how to forge a knife,” my neighbor hollered over the fence at me as his wife shook her head slowly in the background. “Grrrrl,” her expression told me, “This lockdown is officially too long.”

My neighbor’s rigorous prep so far? Watching all the Forged in Fire episodes, of course. Most knife aficionados I know have spent some time as YouTube apprentices, so I pointed him to some basic how-to overviews like this, this, and even this video, which doesn’t require a forge. I also told him about the knife making classes at Blade. (Spoiler alert: He’s going.)

How To Curate and Care For Your Knife Collection

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking I probably need some more knives. Consider these five types as you build your collection, recommends Dana Benner. Plus, three essential elements for knife care.