It was 9:06 p.m. Monday, July 23. Most people were likely in front of their TV. Tony Cetani, the owner of Hourglass Knives, was in his knife shop. For those on social media, they likely got a chuckle out of the Star, Idaho resident’s Facebook posting.

“What happens when you f*%k two knives up that were for the show? You curse multiple times, cry a little, eat pizza, curse again and start fresh. Crunch time this week!!”

This transparency is what makes Cetani, 32, a cool dude. This commitment to excellence is what makes the married father of two daughters a rising star in the knife world. Here is his story. — Doug Jeffrey

1. The First Show

Hourglass Knives blade“Currently, I’m devoting 10-15 hours per week to Hourglass Knives. I come home from my full-time job, hang out with the kids, and then I’m in the shop until midnight. That’s my routine.

“As of right now (late July), my first show is a few weeks off, and it’s very nerve-wracking. In fact, I’m scared out of my mind. It’s a small show, but it’s the first time I will show my work. I’m planning to take nine knives; right now, I have seven finished. I was 80% done with two others when I messed them up. I’m my biggest critic.”

2. The Spider Connection

“I’m a huge fan of spiders and my favorite is the black widow, which has an hourglass on its abdomen. It’s hard to explain the appeal. I guess I’m just a nerd when it comes to spiders. They fascinate me. Thus, that’s my company logo.”

3. A Minute for Hourglass

Hourglass Knives butcher knife“When I describe my company, I tell people I make simple, but elegant knives. I honestly believe people can pass them down to their kids. My main focus is EDC, but I also do a lot of outdoor camping knives.”

4. The Challenges

“That’s an easy one. Time. I have two little girls and a wife. It’s hard to have a full-time job, be a husband and a father, and still focus on the knives. It’s stressful.”

5. The Flip Side (Rewards)

“When a customer tells me how great my knife is working or how beautiful it came out, that fills my cup more than I can describe. It’s also very inspirational. Another plus is when bigger knifemakers tell me my work looks great. That is huge, and that also keeps me going.”

6. Besides Spiders

“I think there are a few items that separate Hourglass from other companies. First, I’m very personable. Next, while this was supposed to be a small hobby, it has blossomed into something bigger. There’s no such thing as a perfect knife, but I try as hard as I can on each knife so it’s almost perfect.”

7. Production Notes

“The turnaround time for a knife is typically a month, but that depends on how much time I spend in the shop. I always keep my customers updated, so they know where I’m at in the process. The base price is $330, and it goes up, depending on material and size.”Hourglass Knives blade

8. Some Inspiration

“If you find something you love, try your best. I never thought in 100 years that I would be at the level I am. I’m a great husband and father; otherwise, I don’t have much talent, so that just shows the benefits of hard work and dedication.”

You can reach Tony Cetani a few ways:

PHONE: (408) 616-9620




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