Where Functionality Meets Pocket Art

KRUDO Knives is moving into a new phase with the release of the fierce folder called FEROCE. Louis Krudo’s roots are in the tactical world of knife design, but as of late his designs are running with a more artistic flair.

Focusing on style and beauty for KRUDO Knives Founder Louis Krudo does not sacrifice the functionality or performance of the blade. The curved handle embellished with carbon fiber and copper is visually appealing as well as comfortable in the hand. FEROCE’s 3.5-inch 9Cr18MoV blade has multiple unconventional grinds that are challenging to achieve, but sublime on this blade.

FEROCE is the first of the KRUDO Knives repertoire to feature copper inlay. This will patina with time giving each FEROCE Folder a completely unique look. No two will be the same.

With small runs of 300 to 1000 knives, KRUDO Knives continues its tradition as a premier boutique knife design house. FEROCE is another limited run design that will not be made in mass quantities.