When GiantMouse releases a new limited-edition line of knives, you’d better act fast if you want one. The company has introduced the GMX and

GMPX, which mark the 10th edition in the short-run GM Line. There are a total of 400 X versions and 200 PX (“Pirate”) versions, and when these are sold out, the design will be discontinued.

In fact, as this was posted, the special GMPX versions are already sold out. That happened on the afternoon of launch day. The GMX is still available to purchase.

The GiantMouse GMX makes use of a reliable frame lock to secure the blade open.

GiantMouse GMX Big Brother To Clyde

The GMX design is a larger, titanium version of the company’s ACE Clyde. Like the Clyde, the GMX embodies the fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design with a touch of Persian influence.

While most of the previous GM line models have gone on to be redesigned as ACE line models, with the GMX the company took an ACE line knife and

redesigned it as a larger, high-end GM integral folder with several unique details. One of these unique details has still yet to be discovered by our customers, and it will remain a surprise until the first few customers receive their packages.

GMX Made Of S90V Steel

The GMX features an integral titanium handle with brass inlay paired with an S90V Satin Blade. The GMPX, or “Pirate” version, showcases a PVD-coated integral titanium handle with a brass inlay and a black PVD S90V blade.

The blade length is 3.27 inches (83.1mm), measured from tip to forward-most aspect of the frame, and it’s 0.14 inch (3.5mm) thick. The handle is 4.4 inches (109mm) long, giving the knife an overall length of 7.6 inches (193mm). Both the X and PX versions weigh 3.9 ounces (111g). The price of the GMX is $445.

For more information, go to www.GiantMouse.com. And be sure to check back with KnivesIllustrated.com for more of the latest news from the knife industry.