The new Morakniv Ash Wood Outdoor Collection should be a hit with the bushcraft crowd. These new fixed blades are made from bright ash wood from European FSCR certified forests and blades made of recycled Swedish stainless steel.


With the understanding that different outdoor enthusiasts have different needs, Morakniv developed four different knives as part of the Ash Wood Outdoor Collection. From the bushcrafter to the day-hiker, each knife is designed with unique features that enhance the experience of its user.

“With the help from selected focus groups around the world who have provided valuable input, we have been able to navigate our way to four new outdoor knives that, together, make the Ash Wood Outdoor Collection,” says Thomas Johansson, Industrial Designer at Morakniv.

The four knives are Finn, Wit, Lok, and Rombo, named after former Morakniv knife makers Finn-Anders Andersson, Wit-Anders Eriksson, Lok-Anders Mattsson, and Rombo-Anders Eriksson Ström. The Anders name as long dominated the men’s first names in the Mora area, where Morakniv knives are made to this day.


The Finn is a small hiker’s knife that fits perfectly in your pocket and is ready to take on your next excursion. The Wit, slightly bigger than the Finn, is perfectly crafted for a variety of demanding and unexpected situations and specifically designed for precision work. The Lok is a robust knife built to withstand the most demanding and heavy-duty situations. And the Rombo was created for the culinary artist who is looking to improve their outdoor cooking skills and deliver a consistently superb culinary experience.


4 Morakniv blades

There are four useful bushcraft blades in the new Morakniv Ash Wood Outdoor Collection.


The FSC label on the Ash Wood collection is considered a trusted mark for sustainable forestry. FSC means zero deforestation, a fair and safe workers experience, protection of plants and animals, and respect of local communities rights and resources.

Building on more than 400 years of Swedish tradition, Morakniv has produced knives of unparalleled quality for hunters, adventurers, fishermen, farriers, chefs, craftsmen and other skilled trades and hobbyists since 1891.

Thoughtfully designed for precision and power, Morakniv products are still produced in their factory in Mora, Sweden. Morakniv is distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Industrial Revolution, a Seattle-based company that manufactures and distributes products enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

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