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Tradition Updated

The Orford Eban Parang was designed for the woodlands, but we wanted to see how it would fare in warmer environments. BY: KEVIN ESTELA


These are the Knives Illustrated stories that you can’t-miss!

Sharply Appointed Presents

A properly chosen knife can be an heirloom gift — something passed down from one generation to the next. Learn how to select, and gift, the perfect knife. BY: JIM COBB

Kitchen Flipper

We had never given much consideration to a folding kitchen knife, but the KUF has made a believer out of us that a folder can do the job of both EDC and kitchen knife. BY: JOSHUA SWANAGON

Knives Illustrated story knife

Can a folding knife perform kitchen duties well? Find out (story on page 32)

When “Enough” Is Not

The Chaos Control looked a bit “out there” and extreme when we first got it. How did it test? Find out. BY: JONATHAN KILBURN

Knives Illustrated story knife

We reviewed this knife – the Chaos Control (story on page 38)

Back To (Folk) School

Though blacksmithing and making blades is hot, sweaty work, the John C. Campbell Folk Art School instills a love of creating things by hand. You won’t find this tour anywhere else but in Knives Illustrated’s stories.  BY: ARMANDO BASULTO

knives illustrated folk school story knife

A hand-forged blade created at the John C. Campbell Folk School (story on page 46)

Surprisingly Compelling

VZ Grips happens to have an abundant supply of G-10, plus the expertise to shape it into just about any form you might need. Enter the G10 Daggers. BY: TIM STETZER

Renaissance Man: Bernabe Velarde

Bernabe “Big B” Velarde is master of many trades. He recently sat down with our Amber Hargrove to talk about his role as a knife designer and leathermaker. BY: QUINTON DARNELL

Modern-Day American Legacy

Hogue began with designs by famed knife designer, Allen Elishewitz. Ten years later, Hogue Knives is going strong. BY: BOBBY BUSHCRAFT

Hogue Knives

Knives we saw when visiting Hogue Knives on their 10-year anniversary (story on page 70)

Edge Geometry 101

A beginner’s look at blade grinds, terminology, angles and how they work when applied to a knife blade. BY: MICHAEL JANICH

Razor Keen

When your knife goes dull and you are without a dedicated sharpener, we have the answer with these ready-made sharpening hacks. BY: KEVIN ESTELA

Looking Sharp: Folded Steel ? See this online! ?

If you’re looking for an eye-catching gift for your favorite knife-lover this holiday season, consider a beautiful Damascus steel blade. PHOTOGRAPHY BY: SHARPBYCOOP


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