When you’ve decided it’s time to get out of Dodge, you’re going to need knives to do it. Getting prepped to “bugout” is a serious matter, and you should put a lot of thought into it.

From an article by EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder

Here’s how to figure out which knives to take and why. EJ, an Extreme Survivalist, Adventurer, and Retired Army Combat Vet breaks it down for us all.

Bugging Out Starts at Home

Your first goal to get out of town starts at your residence.

I keep knives, mostly folders, duct-taped all over my house just in case: I need them to defend against an intruder or free myself if I get tied up. I keep them in spots where they won’t easily be found (and it can’t be said enough, keep dangerous weapons out of reach of children).

You’ll want a good knife to: open cases of stored food, handle general survival tasks, regular chores and even butter your biscuits. This is especially true if you’re holding up in one place for a while.

Who/What is in/on your Way?

Consider who or what you might encounter along the route out of town.

“It’s always better to overthink your needs in a bugout situation.”

A good knife is useful for: self-defense, especially if you are trying to move stealthily. I like to carry several knives hidden about my person, like inside my boot or hidden on my belt so that I always have a backup.

A Leatherman tool or Swiss Army knife is also useful in case: you need to break into a store for supplies or safety, for obtaining transportation or for maintaining your gear and supplies.

A good tool like this will come in handy if: you need to cut wires or fencing along the way or open a can of vegetables.

It’s always better to overthink your needs in a bugout situation. Practice and execute your evac route to note any possible issues or snags, but realize it’s difficult to plan for the unexpected.

It might be a good idea to have a machete also, just in case: you need to cut through a local park or someone’s backyard hedgerows to avoid bad characters along your route.

good bugout knives hidden

Keep a knife handy at all times because you never know what, or who, you will encounter on your way out of town.

Plan for Success

Knives play a huge role in wilderness survival, but they will also be vital in the urban jungle when the SHTF (“stuff” hits the fan).

A good knife might determine whether you live or die, or whether or not you make it to the city limits at all.

If you apply this type of thinking to your “get out of Dodge” plan, it will pay off when you need it most.

As I always say, you need to train as you fight with everything you do.

Build confidence in your plan and address possible challenges and issues before they arise. Ensure you clearly understand your plan and that everything is set when you need it most.

The original version of this article was posted in the July/August 2018 issue of Knives Illustrated Magazine

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