Antique Spotlight Listings of Vintage Knife Dealers is a directory of antiques and collectibles for antique sellers and buyers. The directory is designed to make it easier to view as many sites as possible that are associated with a particular collecting area.

French Cutlery
Un Monde de Couteaux is the culmination of the dreams of long-time cutlery collector and connoisseur Jean-Fran�ois LALIARD. Laliard’s dream was to help other collectors restore any damaged piece that they might have and trace its history thus enabling the owners to go back in time and have a better appreciation for that piece. The Website also focuses on providing answers to questions on French cutlery, details on French cutlery, as well as ads promoting the French cutlery industry.

Knifemakers� Database�s mission is to provide customers with a way to find the finest quality custom knives and wholesale knives available anywhere on the Internet. The knifemakers listed in their database make every kind of knives available, such as, Damascus knives, tactical knives, folding knives, daggers, swords, bowie knives, and lots more.

Knife Guide Information Resource Portal is the starting hub to explore and discover the knife, sword and cutlery world. This Website has 78 alphabetical theme-categories with over 2400 listings to knife information, magazines, knife manufacturers, knife collecting, etc.

San Francisco Knives sports a collection of custom art knives made in the style of old San Francisco, goldrush era. While several original antiques are included in the collection, most of it represents both traditional and more contemporary knives of this �San Francisco style� by some of the best knifemakers of the last 30 years.

Sheffield History England is a Sheffield Website about Sheffield history for Sheffield people. This Website is a discussion forum where members can post their opinions and queries. There is also a gallery where members can post their pictures.

Without Equal Pius Lang Knives is the official US representative for the Pius Lang Exhibition knives � handmade in Germany since 1852. First unveiled to the world at the 1889 Paris World Exposition, one P. Lang knife, which is a 100-blade masterpiece, takes more than 120 hours to create. Born over 200 years ago, these museum-quality knives also come in 50 and 200 blade versions.

World Knife Database

At, you will find information on any type of knife you want to make your collection one of the greatest in the world. It lists Websites from across the world which makes sure that no matter in which country you are, you will find what you�re looking for somewhere near home.


American Knife and Tool Institute

To fulfill the need for an organization to represent the knife-using and knife-making community, The American Knife and Tool Institute was formed in 1997 to educate, promote, and inform the American public about various types of knives and folding multi-tools.

Knife Rights Advocacy Group

The Knife Rights Advocacy Group is a foundation dedicated to; encouraging safe and responsible use of knives and edged tools; educating knife owners, public officials and the general public about the history of knives; and educating knife owners, public officials and the general public about knife related laws.


Arkansas KnifeMakers Association

Arkansas Knifemakers Association brings together the finest craftsmen in the region and provides an opportunity for enthusiasts to discover and admire their work. The association also has members from surrounding states and highlights the art of knifemaking in Arkansas.

California Knifemakers Association

Formed by Bob Loveless on November 21, 1981, California Knifemakers Association was formed to improve knifemaking in the state. Goals of the association are: to promote California knives and their makers; to help California knifemakers improve their work; and to put on a great knife show at least once each year.

The Florida Knifemakers Association

Florida Knifemakers’ Association, home of fine custom knives, is dedicated to the preservation of knifemaking in all its forms in the state. It was founded in 1997 to promote and advance the craft, art, and science of knifemaking and to improve the overall quality, performance, and value of knives, edged tools, cutlery, and related products.

Montana Knifemakers Association (MKA)

Founded in 1994, Montana Knifemakers Association is a non-profit educational organization to further the art of knifemaking in the state. Its members are custom knifemakers dedicated to perfecting their craft and providing their customers with quality products. These members are highly proficient, and emphasize the highest quality in both their workmanship and in their business ethics.

North Carolina Knifemakers Guild

Founded in June 1992, North Carolina Knifemakers Guild has four fundamental purposes. These are: to promote the craft of custom knifemaking; to seek to constantly improve the craftsmanship of its members; to provide an educational resource to anyone interested in the craft; and to encourage new makers and provide a forum for their training.

Ohio Knifemakers Association (OKA)

Ohio Knifemakers Association is an organization dedicated to increase public awareness and further the art of knifemaking by promoting Ohio knives, their makers as well as other businesses related to the art of knifemaking in the state of Ohio.

Texas Knifemakers and Collectors Association

Established in 1999, Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Association primarily promotes handmade knives in the state and the craftspersons who make them. It also, among other things, introduces handmade knives to more of the buying public and encourages the productive use and collection of handmade knives.


All About Pocket Knives

The All About Pocket Knives (AAPK)project which began in March, 2004 started with the mission of becoming the leading provider of knife related services. It combines technological expertise with knife related wisdom and ideas its members to create the best services available.

With over 20000 members and 1 million posts, is the Leading edge of Knife Discussion. If there is some knife information which you can’t find here, chances are you won’t find it anywhere on the Internet.

The Knife Network

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, knifemakers from around the globe can access on-line tutorials through The Knife Network. Many phases of knifemaking, sheath making, technical repair, usage and embellishment are covered, from fixed blades, to folding knives, to miscellaneous shop tips and equipment usage.

Knife Dogs

A family and business friendly forum all about knives and the knife industry. We are “G” rated and have a “No Drama” policy. We have thousands of knife makers and enthusiasts from every level.

Knife Enthusiast Forum is a forum where knife enthusiasts can meet and discuss, online, their industry, politics, and personal experiences, in a sensible and non-aggressive way. Anyone who wants to expand his knowledge or share his experience is welcome to this forum.

Usual Suspect Discussion Board

The Usual Suspects Guild Forum Index … Knife Discussion Board, Topics, Posts.


The American Bladesmith Society

Established in 1976, The American Bladesmith Society’s works towards promoting and advancing the art and science of the forged blade and other implements. And also to inform and educate people about bladesmithing, metal forging and heat treating processes, knife and tool design and fabrication, and related arts.

Knifemakers Guild

Started in 1970 by A.G. Russell, the Knifemakers Guild now has over 300 members. The Guild’s mission is to promote custom knives, to assist the knifemaker technically and to encourage ethical and professional business conduct. Members meet once a year to showcase their products and elect office bearers.

National Knife Collectors’ Association

The National Knife Collectors Association is a not-for-profit organization, established in 1972, to promote the hobby of knife collecting and preserve all aspects of the history of cutlery and cutlery related items.

Professional Knifemakers Association

The Professional Knifemakers Association is a nonprofit organization with members spread world over. The primary requisite for all members of the PKA is to have achieved highest possible level of professionalism in their craft or service.

American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI)

Representing the entire knife community since 1998, AKTI is the nonprofit organization protecting knife rights for all. Learn how AKTI is proactively assuring reasonable and responsible knife laws and educating lawmakers and law enforcement on your behalf