Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Pro Review

Not Tortured, But Tested

Gerber Myth Fixed Blade

The Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Pro Knife


The Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Pro arrived at the castle late in the month of March. It’s a good time in the four-seasons state of Ohio, as its weather transitions from winter to spring. This year, March was still winter, and I loved it!

So as I pulled the Myth out of the plain, brown box, I thought it appropriate to evaluate the knife with its intended purpose in mind, which is hunting. However, as most high-profile hunting seasons in Ohio were over, or had not yet started (spring turkey), I utilized the Myth as a hunter’s companion.

The Myth is a fixed-blade, full-tang, high-carbon steel knife with a drop-point tip. It’s 8.5 inches in total length, with the blade measuring 3.75 inches. It weighs only 4.7 ounces. The handle is textured rubber. The sheath has both a friction lock and a rubber pommel lock that secures the pommel. It’s heavy plastic with an integrated carbide sharpener built in the bottom. Both the knife and sheath are colored black and brown. The blade’s finish, although not matte, is of a darker color and aids in its “concealability.”

I began carrying the Myth on my belt as I worked around the goat pasture. The first thing I noticed was that the knife’s scabbard fit nicely on a standard-size belt and the overall size (weight and length) of the Myth was very comfortable and nearly unnoticeable. After carrying it on my right side, I found that I could insert the knife into the sheath for a left-handed carry. With both retention devices in use, I never noticed any rattling sounds. This is an obvious plus for hunters who strive for stealth.

Around the house, I used the Myth to cut strings on straw bails, open plastic bags of wood pellets, cut up vegetables for salads, prepare shrimp to make po’ boy sandwiches, and carve fat, juicy meats for the grill.

I also strapped on the Myth when I taught natural-resources law enforcement students in Hocking College’s National Ranger Training Institute’s Wilderness Survival Skills course. During this lab session over the weekend, I cut up fire tender, made a few feather sticks, and carved venison for the meal o’ the day. I also took the time to carve a gorge hook for fishing.

As the Myth is a hunting knife and was designed by professional hunters and guides, I saw no reason to put it through the normal torture test that is reserved for tactical or survival knives.

I can confirm that the knife is hardy and well built, and with its textured and soft grip, combined with the jimping and choil, the drop-point blade is very, very maneuverable in tight places, as is needed for skinning and carving.

When covering the grips with canola oil and using the Myth for cutting, I experienced minimal slippage due to the texture of the handle. Also, the built-in sharpener is an excellent idea, and worked very well while I was out in the bush teaching for a few days.

The Myth has the seal of approval of the North American Hunting Club, which has field-tested it as well.

The Gerber website shows the Myth at $69 MSRP. I have cruised around the Internet and have seen it priced for as little as $45. As a hunter myself, and one who aggressively and openly supports such activities, I think Gerber’s Myth has become a reality for folks who want an excellent fixed-blade hunting knife at a great price.


The Specifications

Overall Knife Length: 8.5 inches

Blade Length: 3.75 inches

Weight: 4.7 ounces

Made in China

Knife-in-Sheath Dimensions: 13 x 5.5 x 2 inches in the sheath

Handle Material: Texturized rubber

Material: Full-tang high-carbon stainless steel blade

By Mark Allen Prince