There exists something of a tradition when it comes to gift giving and knives. The story goes that giving a knife as a gift can metaphorically sever the relationship. Nobody has yet put forth a concrete theory as to how this whole thing started, but it has been a superstition for centuries. To solve the problem, the recipient gives something of value to the person giving them the knife, thus “buying” the knife. Traditionally, it is a coin that’s exchanged. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for the gift-giver to include a penny in the box, which the recipient then gives back, thus preserving the friendship.

As a practical matter, in my experience a quarter has been the most common coin exchanged. However, in at least one case, I purchased a special collectible coin to send to the knifemaker who gifted me with a blade. The coin was symbolic in several ways and served the purpose quite well.

By: Jim Cobb


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