State Organizations

Arkansas KnifeMakers Association

Arkansas Knifemakers Association brings together the finest craftsmen in the region and provides an opportunity for enthusiasts to discover and admire their work. The association also has members from surrounding states and highlights the art of knifemaking in Arkansas.

California Knifemakers Association

Formed by Bob Loveless on November 21, 1981, California Knifemakers Association was formed to improve knifemaking in the state. Goals of the association are: to promote California knives and their makers; to help California knifemakers improve their work; and to put on a great knife show at least once each year.

The Florida Knifemakers Association

Florida Knifemakers’ Association, home of fine custom knives, is dedicated to the preservation of knifemaking in all its forms in the state. It was founded in 1997 to promote and advance the craft, art, and science of knifemaking and to improve the overall quality, performance, and value of knives, edged tools, cutlery, and related products.

Montana Knifemakers Association (MKA)

Founded in 1994, Montana Knifemakers Association is a non-profit educational organization to further the art of knifemaking in the state. Its members are custom knifemakers dedicated to perfecting their craft and providing their customers with quality products. These members are highly proficient, and emphasize the highest quality in both their workmanship and in their business ethics.

North Carolina Knifemakers Guild

Founded in June 1992, North Carolina Knifemakers Guild has four fundamental purposes. These are: to promote the craft of custom knifemaking; to seek to constantly improve the craftsmanship of its members; to provide an educational resource to anyone interested in the craft; and to encourage new makers and provide a forum for their training.

Ohio Knifemakers Association (OKA)

Ohio Knifemakers Association is an organization dedicated to increase public awareness and further the art of knifemaking by promoting Ohio knives, their makers as well as other businesses related to the art of knifemaking in the state of Ohio.

Texas Knifemakers and Collectors Association

Established in 1999, Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Association primarily promotes handmade knives in the state and the craftspersons who make them. It also, among other things, introduces handmade knives to more of the buying public and encourages the productive use and collection of handmade knives.