Smooth as Silk

The Ener-G2 by Kershaw Features a Sharp Edge for Fine Detail 

You want smooth?

Try the Ener-G2 by Kershaw on for size.

effective and stylish Kershaw’s Ener-G2

Kershaw’s Ener-G2 is an effective and stylish everyday carry.

This knife, which provides a sharp-edge for fine detail work and is also hardy enough for the tough cuts, doesn‘t use an assisted-opening mechanism or a thumb stud to help you access the blade. All it takes is a simple press of your finger and a slight (and I do mean slight) flick of your wrist, and you have an edge ready to go to work. A thumb kick at the back of the spine is all you need.

To achieve this smooth action, Kershaw uses the “pseunetic®” patented design by Lee Williams.

Knife Specs


Using the well-positioned thumb ramp with tear-drop style handle, you gain excellent leverage and control over the razor-sharp cutting edge.


The knife is a midsized user with a Sandvik 13c26 stainless steel, hollow-ground, 3 ½-inch-long drop-point blade. A locking liner holds the blade in place. The stylized gray-and-black-textured G-10 teardrop handle provides a safe, controlled grip.

When opened, the ENER-G2’s overall length is 8 1/8 inches. Its hollow-ground edge provides an excellent cutter for package-opening or for tougher material such as rope and wood. The drop-point design supplies the user with a solid tip that is articulated enough to allow for easy penetration.

The ENER-G2 has some weight to it, giving it some heft. The knife is an overall sturdy user that fills the hand enough for good control but not to the point of awkwardness. In the tip-down carry position, a low-key pocket carry is possible; however, in the tip-up position, the handle stands proud of the pocket rim.

Made Well, Easy to Operate

As an all-around midsized user, the Ener-G2 is designed for everyday carry and opens so smoothly, it seems effortless. This design really has no bells and whistles, but it is well made and easy to operate. All in all, it is a straightforward knife I enjoyed using.


dual-textured handle

A tear-drop style, dual-textured handle with a low-profile pocket clip make for a comfortable hold and carry.


Where to Get It

Kershaw Knives

18600 SW Teton Avenue

Tualatin, Oregon 97062



Kershaw uses the “pseunetic®” design (patented by Lee Williams) for a silky-glide open to the Ener-G2.



Fast Facts

•  Midsized user with a Sandvik 13c26 stainless steel, hollow-ground, 3 ½-inch-long drop-point blade;

• A locking liner holds the blade in place;

• Overall length is 8 1/8 inches.


By Abe Elias