The Fantastic Tactical Folders of Dustin Turpin

The Fantastic Tactical Folders of Dustin Turpin



Dustin Turpin builds a fantastic tactical folder.  He offers his knives at a price that will appeal to the entry level buyer; while at the same time will have the seasoned collector shaking his head in disbelief.  The head shaking will be the direct result of the quality and attention to detail that Dustin offers.  Arguably Dustin builds the best sub-$400 Tactical folder being offered today!

Dustin’s primary focus is tactical folders. He has always been a big fan of the classic tactical locking liner folders and this was what he offered.

Anyone who has known him for the last year can attest to this.  While his initial offerings were all liner locks with thumb stud openers.

Three Dustin Turpin Knives

Three Dustin Turpin Knives. (Top) His “Repentance” folding dagger features green micarta scales and a flipper opening, his “Big Chief folder and Rogue model on the bottom are handled in carbon fiber. (Voyles photo)


However, Dustin is in tune with his market and having previously owned his own his own computer and IT business, his allows him to  bring an additional dimension to the table–he is a businessman and stays aware of market conditions and trends. Dustin is now building tactical folders that feature frame locks and flipper openers.

His skill and business acumen bode well for this talented knife maker’s future.


Turpins folding dagger

Turpin’s folding dagger has extended guards that allow the blade to be opened as a flipper. (Voyles photo)


The first knife I saw of his was the “Lil Chief” on  In a photo one could immediately tell he had talent and an eye for tactical folders.  Over the last year the “Lil Chief” has evolved into the “Big Chief” and the “War Chief”, giving Dustin a work horse line of knives.

The “Lil Chief is a stout little knife featuring a 2 7/8 inch blade.  The Big Chief features a 3 ½ inch blade and the War Chief features a 4 inch blade.  Each can be ordered with a variety of options, including bolsters, thumb stud or flipper opener.  Regarding scale material, you have your choice of synthetic handle materials: G-10, micarta or carbon fiber.   While Dustin prefers CPM154 because of the finish it takes,   he offers his folders with S30V as well.

Turpin’s Rogue model lends itself to be the perfect every day carry (EDC) knife.  It offers the perfect combination of a strong utility knife that at the same time is slender and fits easily in the pocket.  This knife features a    4 inch blade, titanium bolster and a choice of synthetic handles scales.  The Rogue features a smooth opening and solid lock up.


Turpin Rogue folder           The Turpin Rogue folder is a hand full of economical tactical! (Voyles photo)


Dustin has built and is currently redefining his design of the “Repentance”.  This is a full double edge folding dagger, with a titanium bolster and carbon fiber scales, with a flipper opener.  Look for this knife to come on line in later summer.

Dustin is planning on attending the New York Custom Knife show in the fall and the Blade Show in 2011.  In the mean time you can find out more about his knives at or email him him at

By Les Robertson