Justin Gingrich of Gingrich Tactical Innovations has designed his GTI Delta Lock Folder with a wide, thick blade to handle hard work. But the blade isn’t overly long, so carrying this knife on a daily basis is still easy, even though you might be aware of its heft in your pocket. And remember, carrying a lightweight knife is all very good. But if you are faced with lots of heavy-duty cutting chores on a routine basis, a little weight in the blade can go a long way in making those chores go a little easier.

GTI Delta Lock Features Innovative Locking System

The heart of the GTI Delta Lock Folder is an innovative, super-strong blade locking system. Inset into one of the titanium grip panels is a stainless steel bar. When you open the blade, that steel bar locks into four surfaces at the back of the blade: two that are perpendicular to the blade and two from a V-shaped extension at the back of the blade. Add up those four points of contact and you come up with 1 5/8 inches of total surface engagement between the steel locking bar and the blade. Most liner or frame lock knives have only about ¼- to ½-inch of engagement on a single point of contact. That extra-strong lock gives you confidence when working with this knife.

Gingrich Tactical Delta Lock

The GTI Delta Lock Folder features an open-back design to keep lint and other debris from building up in the mechanism.

Thumb Studs or Flipper for One-Handed Opening

The blade of the GTI Delta Lock Folder is 3.25 inches long, 1 5/16 inches wide and 5/32 inches thick. It’s a sturdy blade to say the least. It is a drop point in configuration with a hollow grind. Put a little muscule behind it and this hefty blade can perform some heavy-duty work. The steel is Carpenter’s CTS-BD1. It’s a decent stainless steel that can be sharpened in the field without too much trouble. For one-handed opening, you can use either the dual thumb studs or the flipper. The flipper, of course, becomes a finger guard when the blade is opened. And that blade opens with a buttery smooth pivot and locks in place with a comforting “click.” The titanium grip panels have a diamond checkering pattern and that texture provides for a secure hold without being too abrasive.

The stainless steel grip spacers provide for an open design to allow moisture-absorbing lint and other debris to pass right on through. The design also allows the knife to be cleaned more easily after messing chores.

The pocket clip positioned for right-handed, tip-up carry only. I’m not likely to use the pocket clip. I’m right-handed, mostly, but usually carry such a knife in a left pocket where I can reach it with my left hand should I need it to defend against a grab for my gun.

Glass Breaker Gets You In, Get You Out

The triangular extension at the tang of the blade that’s used in the locking system when the blade is open, also protrudes out the front of the knife when the blade is closed. It’s intended to be used as a glass breaker. So, naturally, I had to try it. I went behind a local auto repair garage and the owner pointed out a junked car that he said I was welcome to abuse.

Holding the closed knife in my gloved hand, I punched at the lower corner of the passenger-side window with the glass breaker tip. The window shattered completely, no problem. For a first responder trying to get into a car or a civilian trying to get out, this glass breaker is a good feature to have on a knife.

Gingrich Delta Lock

The knife features a glass breaker on the tang that is accessible when the blade is closed.

This Knife Can Handle Most Any Task

I used the GTI Delta Lock folder to cut cardboard and rope, to slice through steak and wood, to open plastic packaging and to puncture an old car tire. The knife performed well and felt good in the hand. I touched up the blade afterwards with a ceramic sharpener.

Worth Your Consideration

When you plunk down your hard-earned money on a knife, you want to be sure it will perform as advertised and that it will last. The GTI Delta Lock Folder is a quality knife that comes sharp from the box and ready for hard use. Treat it like a knife and not a crowbar and it should provide years of service.

The new locking system is very impressive too and I look forward to seeing it being used in future designs from Gingrich. For more information on the GTI Delta Lock Folder, go to the Gingrich Tactical Innovations (GTI) website at www.GingrichTactical.com.

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Model: GTI Delta Lock Folder

Designer: Justin Gingrich

Overall Length Open: 8 inches

Overall Length Closed: 4 7/8 inches

Blade Length: 3 1/4 inches

Width of Blade: 1 5/16 inches

Blade Thickness: 5/32-inch

Configuration of Blade: Drop point, hollow ground, with glass breaker tang

Blade Steel: CTS-BD1 with satin finish

Handle: Titanium with diamond-pattern checkering

Handle Thickness: .5 inches

Lock Mechanism: Patent Pending Delta Lock

Other: Pocket clip for right-handed, tip-up carry; made in U.S.

MSRP: $225

Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of Engaged Media’s Concealed Carry Handguns magazine.