… We’ve got a new email address!

We heard you, loud and clear. Our old email address wasn’t doing the job. Your emails weren’t getting to the right people and your questions or concerns weren’t being answered.

Our New Email Address

Before I give you our new address, let’s talk a bit about why you may want to contact us so we can be sure you’re reaching out to the right department. (And you can find all of this information in the footer of every page on this website, by the way.)

Your Magazine Subscription

Do you have a question about your print Knives Illustrated subscription? Would you like to send a gift subscription to your favorite brother? Do you want to renew it? Are you missing an issue? Would you like to add a digital subscription to your print version?

The first place to check for answers is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. There, you’ll find answers and links to pages that will help you with many of these questions.

A Newsletter Subscription

Do you want to subscribe to our weekly newsletter? Visit this page. Do you have questions about it or want to change your options? Check the link at the bottom of your newsletter for your account link.

About Knife Events

Visit our Calendar page and check out what’s going on, or send us YOUR event and we’ll add it to our list!

How to Become a Contributor

Are you a knife maker? We’re enabling our User Photo function on our front page! Upload your favorite knife and a description, and soon you’ll see it in a slideshow with other makers!

Are you a knife expert with a story to tell? Check out our Writer’s Guidelines page to learn how you can apply to join our talented group of writers.

About Something Else?

Do you want to comment on a story you saw in an issue of Knives Illustrated magazine? How about suggesting something you think would be great on the website? Do you want to send a letter to the editor? Well, then, you need our NEW email address!


?And thanks for reading Knives Illustrated – it’s knife to meet you! ?

Margaret Kavanagh, Print and Digital Editor