User-Defined Everyday Carry Setups

One of the fascinating things about seeing different everyday carry setups is that they can vary so drastically from one person to another. There are many factors that can contribute to one’s EDC being so different from someone else’s, including profession, living area, and personal preferences. What one’s everyday carry setup looks like can be as varied as their personality and interests.

“For others however, EDC represents a complete lifestyle.”

For some, their EDC is simply an assemblage of items that they carry on a daily basis. They carry only the necessary tools and gear that help them get through their day. For others, however, EDC represents a complete lifestyle. For these people, the idea of EDC covers all aspects of their lives, not just the gear in their pockets.

As members of the latter group, we are all about living the EDC culture. Unsurprisingly to us, this also means that we love gadgets and pocket gear of all kinds. The fun of seeing someone else’s EDC setup is partly because we enjoy seeing which items work for different individuals. This, in turn, allows us to re-evaluate and improve our own EDC. Just what factors should be considered when selecting items to carry in your own EDC? Let’s take a look.

The EDC lifestyle keeps you organized but nimble, stylish but prepared.

Life is easier when you think ahead. Make sure everything you carry reflects your attention to detail

√ Knives

The knife (our favorite) is a deceptively useful tool. If you don’t carry one daily, we suggest you do so. If you do carry one, you can attest to how handy they are. There probably isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t use the ones that we carry. Instead of wrestling with the industrial-strength tape on that box that was delivered to you or risking getting maimed when tearing open those horrible plastic clamshell packages, use your knife to cleanly slice it open instead. Other than their everyday uses, knives are good to have on hand during unpredictable emergency situations too. Folding knives are compact and many come equipped with pocket clips that allow them to be easily carried and stowed away. Quality fixed-blade knives are stronger and can take much more abuse.

√ Flashlights

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in complete or almost complete darkness without access to light. That’s what might happen during an unexpected power outage or freak storm. Even if darkness doesn’t sneak up on you, like in a parking lot, there’s nothing like a bright light to help you survey the situation. Be prepared with a pocket-size light source that can help you locate your car in a dark parking structure or even ward off would-be threats. We prefer flashlights that are simple to operate, have multiple light settings, and use common types of batteries.

√ Multi-tools

Most modern multi-tools are built for myriad uses, while some are designed for very specific uses. It’s up to you to decide which is best for you. Aside from your general-use tools, you can find ones that are designed for every profession or interest you can think of, from auto mechanics to weapon armorers. When choosing a multi-tool, we prefer ones that are easy to use and aren’t cluttered with tools that we don’t need.

√ Wallets

With the rise of electronic identity theft, it’s important now more than ever to update your wallet so that it is shielded from RFID threats. Keep electronic pickpockets out by choosing an RFID wallet or card sleeves.

Your EDC

The aforementioned items are only a few of the basics in one’s EDC. While some types of items are universal to most users, such as a smartphone or water bottle, other items are unique to individuals. Always keep your eyes open, perhaps there is an item or two that can find a place in your EDC.

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