Pandemic pandemonium got you down? Take a little break from all the bad ‘rona news and check out this video from our sister site, American Survival Guide.

Our own Amber Hargrove talks with Matt Wright, survival instructor, knife maker, and veteran of the Amazon episodes of Naked and Afraid.

The two reminisce about wild jungle pigs, flesh-eating bacteria, and other Amazon adventures. The best news for me? There’s a little survivalist in all of us, even if one’s natural habitat is, well, the couch.

“Survival starts with everyday life—your mentality, your mindset,” Matt tells Amber. “You can prepare for anything by literally getting your mind in the right place.”

Some of the survivalists on Naked and Afraid “used to work at the mall,” Amber jokes. “We all have the ability to become survivalists.” That’s the best news I’ve heard all week.

Knives Illustrated magazine featured Matt last year. Here he is with wife Brooke (also a Naked and Afraid veteran).

If you’re not following Matt and Brooke on Instagram yet, get on over there and follow them right now. You’ll find pictures of custom knives he’s fashioned from elk horns …

… as well as this eye-popping bushcraft bouquet.

And you know me: Nothing cheers me up like a good knife throwing video montage. Check out Matt’s Insta for throws that go thunk and get yourself outta your ‘rona funk.