True Replaceable Blade Knife takes sharpening out of the equation. This knife comes with two plain edge blades and a saw blade.

True Replaceable Blade Knife: Unique Locking System

For some people, one of the most difficult parts of knife ownership is finding the time and tools to sharpen a dull blade properly. There’s nothing more annoying or dangerous than a dull knife when being used for fine tasks. Injuries from a completely or partially dull blade can be not only annoying but also life-threatening.

True brings to market a rugged and durable knife that features a unique system, allowing users to easily swap their knife blades. The True Replaceable Blade Knife has a two-step locking system. This unique locking system is locked in place with the thumb stud. It slides back and forth for a lock and unlock setting. The blade must be released via a lever in the spine of the knife once unlocked.

Three Blades, Storage Case Included

The knife comes prepackaged with three blade options: two 3.5-inch drop-point blades and one 3.5-inch saw blade. A blade storage case is also included for a safe carry of extra blades while on the move. Replacement blades are available in 5-packs for $24.99.

Despite being able to replace them, each blade edge is made from 3CR13 stainless steel. Its composition makes it highly corrosion-resistant while retaining a sharp edge for a longer period of time. Pairing the steel with a black oxide finish means that these blades can handle some extreme environments without showing signs of corrosion.

True knife with replaceable blades

This True knife comes with 3 blades that are easy to swap out.

Features Nylon Scales, Liner Lock

Black fiberglass-filled nylon scales house the liner lock system to keep the blade locked tightly in position. It is textured enough to add some gripping surface without collecting particles. A small deep pocket carry clip is attached on the right-hand side for a tip-down, right-handed carry.

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The Specs

Model: True Replaceable Blade Knife

Blade Shape: Drop point

Blade Length: 3.5 inches

Included: One saw blade, two fine-edge blades

Blade Steel: 3CR13 stainless

Finish: Black oxide

Locking Mechanism: Liner lock

Handle: Fiberglass-filled nylon

Length: 4.5 inches (closed) / 8 inches (open)

Width: 1.5 inches

MSRP $39.99