The TOPS Papa Delta is a hideaway knife you’ll want to show off. What to carry for self-defense is a deeply personal choice with many factors affecting what tools are carried daily by a prepared individual.


The TOPS Papa Delta was designed to fit the role for those that need lightweight, easily concealable options. This knife will disappear under clothing, on a belt or in a pocket, but be there and ready when needed. All the features of this knife make it a perfect choice for a small, concealed carry knife in almost any circumstance. The Papa Delta is a skeletonized 1095 blade with Midnight Bronze Cerakote and includes a low-profile Kydex sheath.

knife in hand

Back off! The Papa Delta is small, but can be ready in an instant when you need it.


There are a lot of reasons to carry a knife every day. From regular daily cutting tasks to pocket jewelry, to self-defense, and more. What an individual decides to carry is a deeply personal choice with many factors to consider, such as local laws, permissiveness of the area, what clothing is going to be worn, etc.

Leo Espinoza designed the Papa Delta with input from a retired undercover police/intelligence officer. So the thought process is specifically for people who need to be able to wear the knife completely undetected. That is why it’s thin, skeletonized, and low profile in every aspect.

The “incomplete” finger hole is purposely not closed off. The reason is so that the knife can be let go of more easily than a normal karambit where the ring is specifically there to retain the knife. It’s also double-edged with a fuller to make it as useful as possible for defensive purposes.

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knife in sheath

The TOPS Papa Delta comes with a Kydex sheath.


Model: TOPS Papa Delta

Overall Length: 5.88 inches

Blade Length: 1.63 inches

Cutting Edge: 1.63 inches

Secondary Edge: 1.63 inches

Blade Thickness: 0.13 inch

Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58

Blade Finish: Midnight Bronze

Weight: 1.1 ounces, 1.8 ounces with sheath

Sheath: Black Kydex

Designer: Leo Espinoza

MSRP: $150