You may remember your very first Swiss Army Knife, and you may even still have it. There’s something about them that exudes nostalgia, warmth and caring. Swiss Army Knives are the go-to first pocketknife for many knife lovers.

Holiday Presents Opportunities

Holiday gift-giving is a perfect time for you to start a new tradition. Some companies release limited editions of their products each year. And they’re even themed for the season.

Give the gift of one pocketknife, and you open the door to an annual custom. Each year, you can add to the collection with the new limited edition.

What’s in Store(s) This Year

Victorinox, the brand behind the original Swiss Army Knife, has launched two limited edition Swiss Army Knives in celebration of this year’s holiday season.

The first is the Super Tinker Winter Magic Special Edition 2019. This special Super Tinker stands out from the festive crowd thanks to its winter-themed printed scales and attached charm.

Designed in the shape of a star; the charm is attachable to your favorite bracelet or necklace, or simply adds a unique edge to the knife’s keyring.

It’s limited to 12,000 pieces worldwide and priced at $56.

Swiss Army Knife limited edition

This Swiss Army Knife is a great stocking stuffer or gift for the holiday season

Second is the Climber Wood All You Wish For Special Edition 2019. Inspired by the power of nature and informed by Victorinox’s precision engineering heritage, the scales are crafted from sustainable, elegant European walnut wood.

The snowflake laser-cut design on the flat-surfaced scales, and the richly grained patina of the wood makes each one of these knives naturally unique.

It’s limited in production and priced at $75. Each of these Swiss Army Knives comes in an anthracite gift box.

Swiss Army Knife Limited Edition

It’s a great gift for those with a fine eye towards design and nature.

Future Finds for a Growing Collection

Once you start the tradition of a Swiss Army Knife limited edition gift for the holidays, you’ll want to branch out. You find plenty of occasions to gift these wonderful pocketknives, and luckily, Victorinox offers lots of customizations and limited editions of all types.

Some recent years’ editions included knife designs based on world locations, like Paris and Hawaii, and favorite foods, like tacos and cheese.

SAK Cheese SAK Hawaii SAK Paris SAK Taco

Additional collections include Fall Colors, Camouflage variations, Garden and Sports tools, special woods, metals, and many others.

The Fan Following

Once you own a Swiss Army Knife, you join a group of fans. If you look online, you’ll find that the knives have a very rabid following (in a good way). From simple pages with model descriptions and reviews to in-depth information. You’ll also find that your Swiss Army Knife is a conversation starter almost every time you take it out of your pocket.

So, buying a Swiss Army Knife is sort of like eating a potato chip in that you can’t stop with just one. And, of course, it must be said that the quality of these knives is top-notch. Otherwise, they wouldn’t last the test of time.


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