Top 6 Tactical Pens of 2013 (Part 1) Review: Condor's Rodan, Part 1 Product Spotlight: Spyderco's Street Bowie Review: Buck Knives' Reaper Bush Knife, Part 1 Knifemaker Spotlight: Ben Seward

A Relic of Boer War: The History of a Forgotten Knife

One of the joys of knife collecting is what a knife’s history doesn’t tell you. Take a look as we remember a forgotten knife from a forgotten war: The Taylor’s Eyewitness mark dates to 1832 on use in cutlery. The Sheffield mark with no England is generally considered to date prior to 1890, due to an American regulation that requir (Read more...)

Zero Tolerance Tactical Knives

The Zero Tolerance line knives from Kai-Cutlery/Kershaw is designed for military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, response teams and EMS professionals, and adds two tactical folders available in either plain or partially serrated baldes, and two new automatics. The 0300 Zero Tolerance folder was designed by ZT and Strider, and feature (Read more...)

Modern-Day Camp Knives (PART 2)

In Part 1 of this knife review, we took an in-depth look at four modern-day camp knives. Now check out the final five! If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out! Making slight controlled cuts is easy just push on the large spine of a camp knife with your thumb and the weight and razor edge should do the rest of the work. Wilson Tact (Read more...)

Modern-Day Camp Knives (PART 1)

Tradition meets new design in the modern-style camp knife. Left to right: SOG Jungle Primitive, Outcast, Bushmaster, Browning competition, RTAKII, Steel Eagle, Ka-Bar Bowie and Wilson Model 26 The mention of camp knives conjures images of large work-tested blades used for everything under the sun, from camp chores, hunting and combat. T (Read more...)

10 Common Mistakes Knife Collectors Make (Part 2)

Here it is, the final five mistakes that are commonly made by knifemakers. Be sure to check out the first five before reading. Remember, there are no guarantees to knife-collecting success, but avoiding the pitfalls heightens your chances!  GJ knives were made by Gerry Jean, but it took much research to discover it. Most buyers in the (Read more...)