While some legislators and/or governors of some states continue to oppose repealing their irrational knife restrictions, even our most restrictive states are better (in most regards) than much of the rest of the Western world.

Knife Rights Founder and Chairman Doug Ritter explained, “I keep an eye on what’s happening in other countries with their knife restrictions, if for no other reason than to use them as object lessons when we go talk to legislators.

The fact is, while Knife Rights is moving us towards an ever sharper future here in the U.S., in many countries, the last decade has seen them moving backwards, and nowhere else are they getting rid of restrictions.”

Ritter noted that he’s often approached by knife enthusiasts and manufacturers elsewhere in the world, hoping he’ll come do something to roll back their often severe restrictions on knives. Ritter first tells them his plate is full with Knife Rights’ efforts here in the U.S.

However, he commented, “The second point I make is the real kicker. Even if I had the time, and they had the funds, they lack the extraordinary culture of freedom and self-determination that we have here. Without that culture of freedom, without the Second Amendment as well, they have no place from which to start.”

While many in other nations in the Western world look askance at the U.S. and our so-called “cowboy culture,” the reality is for the most part, they simply cannot grasp the concept of individual freedom that underpins our nation and its culture.

“When we threw off the colonial yoke and told the King of England to take a hike, it established a culture of self-determination that instilled a much more pure form of ‘freedom’ than exists anywhere else in the world,” Ritter noted. “The Declaration of Independence was extremely radical in its day, and that was followed up by the even more radical U.S. Constitution.”

Knife Rights’ success at rolling back knife bans—31 bills in 22 states since 2010, as of this writing—is directly connected to those events “No other system of government on Earth makes it easier for its citizens to get rid of archaic laws and to stop bad laws, either legislatively or through litigation. And, by ‘easier’ I don’t mean ‘easy,’” explained Ritter.

It also makes it easier to pass restrictive knife laws, but Ritter notes that the corollary is that it’s easier to defeat them. But, no system works 100% in any advocate’s favor and it takes a tremendous amount of work and funding to get the job done, as well as tenacity and persistence, which Knife Rights has shown they have in spades.


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