Jonathan Miller of Sick Boy Knife Works Builds Knives Meant to Get the Job Done

Jonathan Miller of Sick Boy Knife Works has worked hard over the years, making the move to a full-time career in knife making — and the journey shows in his work. Looking like knives that might be seen in the next big Hollywood blockbuster hit, but functioning like a high-quality custom knife, Jonathan is making strides into the world of highly recognizable cutlery. Blending style with function, Sick Boy Knife Works has something for the inner Rambo in all of us.

Clean lines and hard use materials make for a sharp presentation.

Big Screen Inspiration

After seeing the movie “The Hunted,” with Tommy Lee Jones — and having already gotten the knife bug from the “Rambo” movie franchise — Jonathan began making knives in 2008-2009, just messing around in his garage. Fast-forward to 2014-2015 and Jonathan begins to take it seriously, making the official move into full-time knife making in 2016.

The Challenges

With so many new and old knife designs available today, Jonathan finds that it is hard to stay creative and find designs that are unique. Because of this, it can be difficult to find a niche in the market and stand out.


As you may have caught earlier, Jonathan’s addiction to knives began with the movie “Rambo.” For that reason, Jimmie Lile (“Rambo” knife maker) has always remained a big influence for Jonathan. He also looks to his family and the personal goals he has set for himself for inspiration.

The Process

When coming up with a new design, Jonathan likes to merge previous designs in his catalog and morph them a bit to find the right design. He used to draw out designs on paper before starting, but now he either just draws a profile onto his steel with a Sharpie and starts cutting, or he utilizes a CAD program to come up with more complex designs.

It’s in the Materials

Jonathan likes to keep it fairly simple, albeit high quality when it comes to the materials he utilizes to build his knives. For the steel, Jonathan prefers to work with CPM 154CM stainless steel for its toughness, grindability and polishing results, while offering users better corrosion resistance, edge retention, and toughness. For his handle scales, Jonathan prefers the ruggedness and durability of G-10.


To custom order, you’ll need to check in with Jonathan and his availability.




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