Top 6 Tactical Pens of 2013 (Part 1) Review: Condor's Rodan, Part 1 Product Spotlight: Spyderco's Street Bowie Review: Buck Knives' Reaper Bush Knife, Part 1 Knifemaker Spotlight: Ben Seward

Product Spotlight: CRKT Swindle Knife by Ken Onion

The new Swindle knife from Columbia River Knife & Tool is a slight departure from the typical everyday carry, but we expect nothing less from the creative designs by custom-knife maker Ken Onion. The CRKT Ken Onion Swindle knife comes in two versions: one with a flat handle, the other fluted. ABOUT THE MAKER “Though I’ve been a (Read more...)

Introducing Bear OPS Tactical Knives

Better. Stronger. Tougher.   That was the goal for the Bear & Son team when they set out to create their new division, Bear OPS. The line — the name of which is an abbreviation of Operational Precision for Superior Tactical Knives — was more than a decade in the making. The Rancor UC-MC-100 is part of the Undead series from (Read more...)

Knife Maker Spotlight: Tony Bose

In the world of knife making, how do you know when you’re doing well? You could use the price your knives bring as a sign of success. You might measure by the number of knives you sell. But if you’re a true craftsman and artist, the best measure is the quality of your product. Longtime knife maker Tony Bose is at the legendary level (Read more...)

Product Spotlight: Top 6 Tactical Pens (Part 2)

This is the second of a two-part look at the top tactical pens of 2013. In Part 1, we looked at tactical pens from Browning, Benchmade and CRKT. From left, tactical pens by MIL-TAC, Surefire, CRKT, Browning and Benchmade. (Photo by Abe Elias.) SUREFIRE One of the first companies to jump into the tactical pen market was Surefire with the (Read more...)

Product Spotlight: Top 6 Tactical Pens (Part 1)

Finding a suitable, legal tool for self-defense can be complicated, but the tactical pen may be the perfect solution. Tactical pens originated within the knife community, and as such are typically produced by knife makers, though each maker has a slightly different take. Here our the first two of our five recommendations for tactical pe (Read more...)